Lanavanguard Synthetic Paper – FREE TEST PAD 13x18cm

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Lana Vanguard Hi-Tech Paper is a true innovation in the fine art world. It is ideal for airbrush paint, acrylics, watercolour, oils, gouache, ink, felt-tip, pastels, pencil and coloured pencils.

Lana Vanguard paper is 100% polypropylene, 200gsm, acid-free. The surface is very smooth.

Apply, scrape, erase… everything is possible on Lana Vanguard paper! Pencils and brushes glide across the surface, you will discover an exceptionally comfortable work surface. The colour pigments stay on the surface, contrasts are intensified. Original, impossible to tear and ultra- resistant, Lana Vanguard stays completely flat no matter what technique you use. The smooth surface and very particular composition of this paper will give your work a unique finish, unexpected, resolutely modern and inconceivable on a different surface. Lana Vanguard is recyclable and has excellent UV resistance so is effectively protected from ageing.

Lanavanguard is ideal for blades and scratch techniques as well as soft and hard erasing.


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