About Us

Artworks Caricature by Juanjo Baron

Foxy studio 

In the lead of this company are Marissa Oosterlee and Carlo Tedesco. Together, they run a Foxy Studio V.O.F, holding art classes worldwide and running an online art shop.

Carlo Tedesco:  Has simultaneously been studying art academy and the Modern Music University in Rome and successfully graduated. His paintings depict a wonderful sense of humor and he works with great precise. He gained big experience while working for long time as a graphic designer and illustrator for many respectable companies while as well running his career as a professional musician and now teaching realistic art throughout the world since 2011 together with Marissa.

Marissa Oosterlee: Has been a professional artist since 2003, and teaching art since 2005. She has worked as an illustrator for companies such as Jumbo spellen, Nobilis, Tv Fun, and  Davilex, and build up many collectors and customers that buy her artwork and fantasy illustrations.

In 2011 she developed a teaching system called Tech’nEZ tm, which makes learning how to airbrush and bring it to a higher level, very easy.