The Classical realism

Airbrush & Mixed media Workshop

This 5-day class is unique in many ways. We combine the present and history to give you valuable lessons about classical paintings with modern techniques. Learn to handle and combine brushes and airbrush in a way you have never done before. We take you on a journey through history and  explain all you need to know about composition, values, colour palettes to get a certain “look”. Did you know that every respected Old Master had it’s own color palette? We try to come as close as possible and show you how to blend and add textures, clothes, in short a beautiful scene that tells a story…. Sign up for this adventure via

My painting made during our new Classical Realism Workshop

My painting made during our new Classical Realism Workshop.

What you learn in this class:

* Getting your proportions right and make a good sketch

* Learn to observe and recognise shapes

* Control values and contrast

* How to Work with Transparent and opaque colors

* Fundamentals of Color Theory

* Composition studies

* Glazing techniques

* working an underpainting with brushes and airbrush

* Using everyday tools to achieve amazing textures

* How to achieve the right transition

* Freehand and shielding techniques

* How to keep elements in balance

* overpainting techniques

* What to do with a background and what not to do

* How to achieve realism and give it a twist with your own style when required.

* Marketing your artwork


Realism should be the base for every good and self-respecting artist. Without a proper foundation you can not be artistically free.

If you know how to work with color, shapes, contrast, reflections and textures and create perfect transitions, only then you will be able to master any form of art in any way.

This workshop will be an introduction, not only about the airbrush, but also about art in general, we will explore different mediums and tools to achieve our “old masters” look.

We do work with an airbrush mainly during this workshop, but also other tools will be explained and showed, like pencils, erasers, brushes and even your fingers can create awesome realism.

The workshop is not about just copying pictures, but gives you a good insight on how to use these techniques in your advantage to improve any form of art and create your own world with it. Of course, you will also know how to copy nature after this workshop.

Reference Photo credits: Guido Ricci photographer 

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    Study of Old Masters in Airbrush & Oils


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