The Advanced Portrait Class

In this exquisite class we show you high level of realism for a more mature/older skin while following an easy schedule, based on our Tech’nEZ system. This advanced schedule will guide you trough the following processes: sketch, advanced underpainting, rendering any texture you can find in a skin, and overpainting while creating more depth, volume, color nuances and high level of detail.

Advanced portrait demonstration painted by Marissa

Advanced portrait demonstration painted by Marissa

In our Advanced Portrait Masterclass we show rendering ages between 50+ years old. As we grow older, our facial (bone) structure and skin slowly changes. The aged face shows more character and has a lot of do’s and don’ts to keep it flattering, yet aged. Marissa being a professional beautician, can tell you exactly what to look for in a skin and shows you how to render pores, wrinkles, different layers of skin and hair. Also the eyes, nose and lips change significantly when growing older, and should be in balance with the rest of the face. When you know what to look for, it will make your life as an artist much easier and more fun to paint stunning faces of older age. We all deserve a compliment, especially when we grow older!


What you learn:

  • Working with tonal values and how to get them spot on
  • How to analyse different aspects of the bone and facial structure
  • How to work with darks and lights and not make things look dirty
  • Advanced airbrush techniques regarding detail, transitions and rendering textures
  • Working with shapes, lines and transitions
  • How to bring and keep balance in a painting
  • How to build up textures of a skin (aged 50+)
  • How to make skin look translucent
  • Working out pigmented spots, facial hair and wrinkles
  • Working with an underpainting
  • How to overpaint without killing or over doing textures and wrinkles
  • Advanced details
  • Material knowledge featuring airbrush-accessories and paint-materials, how to make simple things as beneficial as possible.
  • How to control your colours and temperatures
  • Adjusting the pressure and dilution of your paint for the finest control
  • How to work with paint in it’s full glory, the differences between opaque, translucent and transparent paint, where, why and when to use them.
  • How to correct a big mistake
  • How to become more patient to improve your skills and paintings immensely without loosing speed and still be productive
  • How to turn your weak points into your strongest and keep the fun in painting no matter what.

Note: In our standard portrait Masterclasses we show how to build up a portrait while rendering longer hairs, young skin, blond, dark or red, glossy lips, make up, in short ages between 20-40 years.

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