Airbrush Step by Step Magazine English 04/17

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Airbrush Step By Step Magazine 04/17


ASBS Magazine 04/17

Step by Steps

Iron Man Sweatshirt
Shirt Design
The Spanish artist Hugo Maciel shows you how to airbrush the super hero on a sweatshirt

The sign of the owl
Christian Erdmann designed a presentation piece for the Schmincke paint series „Total Cover“ combining the characteristics of the paint with the company logo and classic painting techniques.

Skull & Pin-up tank
Custom Painting
Andrea Panaro’s customer wanted a skull with a cigarette on his motor bike. That’s what he got – plus a hot pin-up and silver leaf effects.

Tiger Huntress
Derek Turcotte from Canada combined wild life and feminine beauty. Read about how be managed to etablish a harmony between both worlds.

Great White Shark
Italian artist Silvia Belviso paints the dangerous predator with the photorealistic techniques of Dru Blair.


The Colorful World of the Brazilian Aerobrothers
Ezequias Lopes and Izaque Sousa about their start and success being professional airbrush artists

Airbrush Artist Day 2017: Be part of this passion called airbrushing!
Gerald Mendez tells about the idea and activities of the „Airbrush Artist Day“