Da Vinci Casaneo Pinstriping Swords Brush 703

Price: From: 12.50

Casaneo Pinstripe Sword Brush Size from 0 to 4



Da Vinci CASANEO fibre Series 703 Sword Striper and Pinstriping brushes made from imitation squirrel hair. Used by fine artists and decorative artsts worldwide.

Casaneo is a new unique synthetic fiber developed by the renouned Da Vinci company to mimic the superior qualities of a squirrel natural hair brush. This brushes have wonderful retention properties for paints, great flexibility and holds a perfect line.


Every brush is manufacturered with extra smooth synthetic filaments which are crimped in shape, allow a heavier load of liquid within the reservoir of fibres with this very special design.

Easy to clean and long lasting

Black short handles with brass ferrules

Certified green sustainable wood handles

Handmade in Germany at the Da Vinci family owned factory since 1890

Sword striper | Series 703

Sizes No. 0 to No. 4

A Pinstriping Sword has a short wood dowel handle, held between thumb and index finger and as it does not hit the palm of the hand the brush allows for twisting and turning, spinning the brush to create fluid scrols, tendrills, lettering and lines.  The filaments are long to hold enough paint for long lines..