DAFA 360° Rotating Self Healing Cutting Mat 30x30cm

Price: 26.50

Rotating Cutting Mat self healing.


DAFA 360° Rotating Self Healing Cutting Mat 30cmx30cm (12″x12″)

square cutting mat marked with a grid and 30, 45, and 60 degree lines. Non-slip base which is fitted on a unique axle.

Turn the axle up one way and the mat rotates; turn it the other and the mat remains fixed. Best of both worlds!

– Non-slip base keeps mat secure.
– Low profile prevents mat tipping.
– Rotate when cutting templates.
– Fix when cutting straight lines.
– Useful for modelling, cake decorating, etc.
– Attractive, impulse packaging.

  • Primary function; when the centre piece is placed right-side up, the mat can rotate 360 degrees. It can be used for pottery or cutting paper and fabric materials.
  • As a secondary function, the centre piece can be flipped over and the craft mat (upper layer) will be stabilized.
  • The base mat is designed to prevent slipping and will not rotate with the craft mat.
  • For the convince of cutting paper materials, the mat has angular and graphical lines for very detailed results.
  • Ideal for all of your crafts and hobbies!