GOLDEN Satin Polymer Varnish UVLS – 237ml jar

Price: 15.95

Water based acrylic polymer varnish with UVLS (ultraviolet light stabilizers) that provides a protective, flexible, dust resistant finish with enhanced protection from ultraviolet radiation. For use with inkAID White Matte coating. Test before using on all inkAID Clear Coatings and Iridescents.

237ml Jar


Water-based Polymer Varnish with UV stabilizers for Acrylic Paints

Golden’s Polymer Varnish with UVLS is a topcoat for your acrylic paintings that offers a removable protective surface whose ultra violet light stabilizers (UVLS) provide additional protection from ultraviolet radiation to help delay fading that happens in some materials. This removable varnish can be very useful in restoring or cleaning a painting.

Polymer Varnish Features

  • water-based acrylic polymer varnish with ultraviolet light protection
  • Flexible film when dry is still harder than most acrylics, reducing your painting’s susceptibility to dust and dirt while providing more protection from moisture, marring and scratching.
  • Flexible enough to withstand normal handling conditions like loose rolling.
  • Soluble in alkaline solvents like ammonia which means you can easily remove the varnish along with any accumulated surface contamination without damaging your painting.
  • The Satin finish varnish gives moderate reflection, similar to many matte finish varnishes. For a flatter finish, use the Matte finish version of Golden’s Polymer Varnish with UVLS. For a more reflective surface, use Golden’s Polymer Varnish with UVLS with a Gloss finish. You can also mix the different finishes together or use them sequentially to achieve your desired sheen.
  • Note: Using either the Satin or Matte finish versions of Golden’s Polymer Varnish, like most non-gloss varnishes, will lighten dark value colors.

Polymer Varnish Application Notes

  • For use on acrylic paintings only
  • Golden’s Polymer Varnishes are formulated thicker than most applications’ viscosity to ensure more consistent performance when applied to your surface. Therefore, the varnish must be thinned for most applications.
  • As always, Golden recommends testing before widespread use.
  • For conservation and varnish removal applications, Golden recommends using a permanent isolation coat before applying the varnish. An isolation coat is a permanent, non-removable coating that physically separates your painting’s surface from the removable varnish. If you have any questions or concerns about isolation coats, please call Golden’s Technical Support Department at (800) 959-6543.
  • Golden recommends applying its polymer varnishes via spray or a brush
  • Golden recommends interior use only, not for use on furniture or surfaces subject to physical contact during use and not for use by children