Hyperrealism Wildlife Online LIVE OIL Paint Course (watch back videos)

Price: 498.00

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Wildlife art is some of the most relaxing and intriguing subject to paint!

This spectacular Jaguar Reference photo is the subject of this class. I don’t think it can get anymore exciting than that!

Marissa will demonstrate on how to paint the jaguar and tree with oil paint, from the beginning till the end. This course is suitable for any level, you will receive guidance at your own pace.

Brushes you may have never seen before will become an awesome accomplish to make fur!

• To be guaranteed of successful progress, you can upload your steps in a dedicated support group where Marissa will guide you to your highest level.

You will learn how to work with materials, paint fur in layers to obtain depth and volume, work with  values, hues, the right intensity of colors, textures, details and so much more, is all covered in this class.

The 4 lessons are from 18.30 – 22.00h CET time. Do not worry if you miss a live session, you can watch it all back in HD for 4 months! Of course the live sessions opt for a brilliant interaction between students and Marissa, where she answers to all questions asked. All you need is a computer and good sound! You will paint after the session, so you can first watch and absorb it all. Then watch back and practice each step along with Marissa’ s video guidance and support in the group.