Sparmax TC -610H Plus

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Sparmax TC-610H Plus Airbrush Compressor

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The compressor is similar to TC-610H but with enhanced features of an even more protective metal case and the addition of 2 detachable airbrush holders for the convenience of the users. Like the TC-610H, it delivers the most airflow in the Achieve series, close to doubled airflow which can meet the needs of airbrush enthusiasts and professionals alike, and features an air tank system which helps to provide a consistent airflow with minimal pulsations. TC-610H Plus has 2 air outlets. With the extra air outlet, you can now connect airbrushes beforehand and switch between use of airbrushes. This is a single cylinder compressor.

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
| 3M braided hose
| Detachable Pressure regulator/moisture filter & gauge set
| 2.5 Liter Air tank with drain valve
| Auto On/Off Switch of 40 psi/60 psi
| 2 detachable airbrush holders
| Strong protective metal case with handle
| Suitable for general arts, hobby, body art & temporary body tattoo, tanning

Product detail
23-28 lpm
7.3 kgs /16 lbs
L32 x W16 x H37 cm