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The Foxy’s Teaching Mission

Being in the field as a teaching-team for many years now, gave us a real good insight on where certain problems occur most when painting faces, clothing, hands, animals, backgrounds or anything else that matters. This stimulated us to find new ways over and over again to improve our teaching system so that anyone can learn how to paint, wether your ambitions are to become a professional artist, or just like to practice a new hobby in a good way, we will get the most out of you.

Painting is nothing new, neither is working with color,

But what is new, is the way we explain things. We reveal all secrets around working with colors, the difference between transparent, opaque and translucent colors, observing shapes, values and textures and what to look for in a painting without killing it it with an army of too many details, in a language that everyone understands. We break down complicated theory into easy to follow practice. Step by step we show you how to build up an area of textures, colors, shapes, transitions and values. We take airbrush out of the “safety zone” from the forever restricting freehand or shielding techniques and teach you that when you know how materials can work together and when to use what, you won’t be restricted at all and can paint as free as a butterfly without frustration.

We learned about  pitfalls that many artists suffer from:
Dirty, muddy looking faces or objects, flat faces without any depth, overshooting light areas that then become too dark, sloppy looking clothing or hairs, harsh looking backgrounds and out of harmony looking paintings.

Sounds familiar? We can prevent you from going there, simply because we know exactly what causes it and we can teach you how to stop this. In every course we train you on your weakest spots, so you can develop better skills and grow as an artist while you practise with your new and improved techniques.
Another very important things you learn during our courses is to correct mistakes quickly and not be afraid to make them, in order to always finish a painting. Often we found people are afraid to complete a painting, because they don’t want to “ruin” it. So we figured that if you know how to fix things, you simply don’t have to be afraid of “ruining” it!

Now ask yourself the question: 

“Do I know the differences between opaques, transparent and translucent paint?”

and “Do I know how to correct a color?”

 If the answer is ‘no’, then you should seriously consider to learn more about the following training day:

If you are pretty confident about your skills but not sure of how to work with color, then we can offer you the Color palooza day. It’s a color training day where you learn to decipher opaque, transparent and translucent paint and that there are more then 1 way to build up a good painting; by using an underpainting, a pre-mixed color or optically mixing as you paint along.


Then.. How about attending one of our workshops to kickstart you career as an artist or expand your dearest hobby! We can help you shave off years of trial and error and guide you to a path that suits you most. Even in times of crisis there is always and have always been space for art. With the right education and dedication, we will help you to lift of your career and choose good materials within your budget. 
Check out our offers this year in your nearest country and subscribe today!

**Note: Also beginning airbrushers that just started can enter our courses!
And – In case you have good portrait skills with a brush and/or airbrush you can even qualify for an advanced portrait course immediately. All you need to do is send us 3 of your most recent works and we can decide if you can follow the advanced directly without attending a standard portrait or animal course.

 We guide everyone at their own level during class and we offer after services in a private study group for our students**

We are quite busy building Foxy studio to a platform for airbrush artists, but did you also know that we do more? Oil painting, acrylic painting with traditional brushes, coloured pencils it’s all in the mix! 

We Deliver High Level Airbrush Tutoring!

In our Calendar this year are: Classical realism, Potpourri, Portrait, Wildlife, Animals,  Advanced realism, Fantasy, Scenery, Monochrome and Oil painting.
In every class we cover different techniques, trips, tricks and materials. We teach you how to combine all of this and start up your own career or expand your hobby in the best way possible. 

The finest Airbrush Material is used in our classes!
Our lucky students will be provided with the best materials available on the market:

We cover the following languages in our classes: Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Italian and understand most latin languages.

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