Airbrush Step by Step Magazine English 01/20

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Airbrush Step By Step Magazine 01/20


Artistic Talent is a Gift

Some people always have to nag! The proportions aren’t correct here, the shading is off there. There’s too little contrast. The edges aren’t sharp enough. There’s too little or too much texture in this, this or that area…. Does this all sound familiar to you? Artists can be pretty doggone critical when viewing artwork and heck, every artist is usually his or her own worst critic, right? Who can then be blamed for wondering that the „art muggles“, be they exhibition visitors or those contracting the artists, burst into the highest form of rapture once they see the „oh so messed up“ piece of art?

For professional reasons, we here in the editorial staff must unfortunately also “niggle around“ on certain works. But something that should never be forgotten is that this is critique at an extremely high level! Artistic talent and the passion for painting are gifts that are not bestowed upon everyone. If you have them, you should be very thankful and make sure you put them to good use. If you’ve got that art virus, you’re just going to have to give in at some point and sometimes hazard the consequences, as the examples in this issue will go to show.

Spanish artist Bern Foster couldn’t get Sorayama‘s Sexy Robots off his mind ever since he saw them in a magazine for the first time at the tender age of 9. Then, 20 years later, he turned his passion into a secondary occupation, which takes up all of his free time. American Daneen Bronson also had to go through a number of battles with her parents in order to get permission to use the household nursery and the garden to paint motorcycle parts. Wayne Harrison from Australia even began his artistic career in a juvenile detention center. He can thank his talent for later getting his life on track – and making it quite successful. 

Nathan Makris proved to his countrymen that you can earn a living with wall murals in crisis-ridden Greece. His elation is so euphoric that he’d love nothing more than to share his passion and knowledge with many people and went about opening the first airbrush school in Greece. Brazil also isn’t a place where the prerequisites for making a living on your artistic talent can be considered rosy. Nonetheless, brothers Ezequias Lopez and Izaque Sousa have also found their niche there with the painting of vehicles and carnival items. There countryman Neimar L. Duarte is well-known internationally for his successful guitar and custom painting.

Practice, practice, practice – practice makes perfect. You learn from errors and thus, you should never give up. These are all tips we’ve heard from every single successful airbrush artist we’ve encountered. Being self-critical and listening to other people’s opinions are also important. But you should also never forget to value and even cherish your own capabilities!




Step by Steps

Latex Girl – Pin-up
Being influenced by the great artists of the 70s and 80s, the Spanish artist Bern Foster continues the tradition of erotic robots and sexy girls with his artworks until today.

Stormtrooper – Guitar Design
Barzilian artist Neimar L. Duarte brings old guitars back to life and turns them into unique fan art pieces with his amazing Star Wars design.

Captain Salazar – Fun Ride Painting
With a murky look, a wafting hairdo, and a crumbling face, Salazar glares right into your face. Brazilian ”Aerobrothers“ Ezequias Lopez and Izaque Sousa created the living dead for a fun ride vehicle.

Labrador Finn – Animal Portrait
With great detail, German artist Ute Morawetz creates a lifelike and impressive portrait of a human’s best friend.



Motorcycle Parts on the Trees –  Interview with Daneen Bronson
Georg Huber met the successful airbrush artist Daneen Bronson in California, who at the ripe young age of 17 was already more into motorbikes and heavy metal than your typical ”girl stuff“.

Chrome Fascination – Interview with Bern Foster
At the age of 9, Bern Foster from Spain discovered his love to sexy chrome robots which he never let go even when being an adult.

Ahoy, Nathan Makris! – Making-of and Interview
Nathan Makris turns office rooms into ship engine rooms, hospitals into Tuscan landscapes and wall protrusions into phone boxes. Let’s take a look at the Greek artist’s illusion and mural painting.

Wayne Harrison – the Australian Airbrushing Pioneer – Interview
Australian Wayne Harrison is telling from the beginnings of the airbrushing era, what moves him forward and what keeps him inspired.




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