Airbrush Step by Step Magazine English 02/20

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Airbrush Step By Step Magazine 02/20


Step by Steps

Freddie Mercury – B/W portrait

Italian artist Nicole Cucca has captured the incomparable style of rock legend Freddie Mercury.

Leone – Lion Portrait

Using an airbrush mixing technique, Italian artist Mario Romani created a lion portrait on the innovative Liquid Paper from Teckadesign.

Chicago-L.A. or Bust – Illustration

For Airbrush Step by Step magazine, David Webster has reworked the main motif of his Route 66 trike once again on pure drawing cardboard to explain his working method on the trike.

Xenomorph – Helmet design

The ski diving helmet design by Danish artist Thomas Andraesen is inspired by the Xenomorph created by HR Giger and the way a Coloniel Marine helmet might look in one of the Alien movies.


Johannes Wessmark’s Hyperrealism

The Swede Johannes Wessmark not only uses an acrylic mixed technique for his amazing works of art, but even adds details with oil paints. Thus his large-format works impress customers all over the world.


An airbrush trip on Route 66 – Project report by David Webster

The trike, designed by David Webster, not only tells the living story of Route 66, but also has its own exciting story of origins, which the artist tells us about.

Airbrush & 3D Printing – Creating and painting your own 3D models – Part 1 

Thomas Kunert explains the basics of 3D printing, which can be used to create individual objects and then airbrush them – from tabletop figures to household items.


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