Airbrush Step by Step Magazine English 04/15

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Airbrush Step By Step Magazine 04/15


Product information “ASBS Magazine 04/15”

Monkey Business – Gorilla portait
Finnish artist Ari Huttunen de Carvalho renders an impressive number of folds.

Requiem for a dream – Steampunk portrait
825 hours of work: Jeroen van Neijhof is definitely a perfectionist and passionate about details.

Miss Wet T-Shirt – Sexy Pin up
Jaroslaw Bytow needs nothing but one color plus a bunch of erasing and scratching tools for his wet beauty.

Mr Snuggles – Clown portrait
Ugliness meets perfect free handing in Chad Mahone’s scary clown portrait. Texture stencils and spray make for the final touch.

Dracula – Lettering
Younes Bouchlouch designs the vampire’s signature with plotter stencils and free hand shading

More than just air: Roger Hassler meets the challenge to painting clouds.

Clear your head – Interview with Harald Rettich
Planning, sketching, masking: No way! Harald Rettich takes his gun and sees what happens…

Artist meet-up under palm trees
Georg Huber meets Dennis Matthewson on Hawaii

Airbrush News
Sparmax compressors, new paints and digital devices

Readers’ Gallery
Representing foreign cultures

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That’s airbrush summer 2015!

Shopping Guide
Your track to guns, paints and workshops.

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