Airbrush Step by Step Magazine English 04/16

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Airbrush Step By Step Magazine 04/16


ASBS Magazine 04/16

Candy Koi Board – Candy Design
An Asian beauty, Kois and water lilies stand out
against candy blue water swirls on a surfboard-like
metal panel, designed by Simon Murray

Vimana Pilot – Fantasy Portrait
The world for Philippe Szmuga is all about heroes, gods, and mystical entities.

Keith Richards – Caricature
The Argentinian artist Cesar Deferrari got to work on this striking portrait of one of the most caricatured celebrities.

Chrome & Rust – Illustration
It is quite challenging to paint Chrome for Mike Prangley. Nevertheless, his motif including the rust appears realistic and convincing!

Deep Web – Fantasy Illustration
The monstrous painting by Gear Duran was first created as a digital illustration. After that, he airbrushed the image on a piece of aluminum.

Airbrush Devices
So many models, techniques, prices… This is how you make the right decision

Never let your first idea be your only idea Interview with Gear Duran
“Gearboxxx“ wants to share his strong messages. In the interview, he talks about his ideas and early experiences with art.