Airtex Hand-Grip Filter

Price: 35.00

Airtex Handgrip filter, the best moisture trap ever! Gives a comfortable and solid grip and filters all the water accumulated in the compressor or the hose.


The Airtex Handgrip Filter is designed to effectively filter out any moisture which has managed to pass your compressor regulator, or that may have accumulated in your hose, before it gets to you airbrush.


To keep water and dust out of your paint, attach this filter between your air source and your airbrush. Attaches with a standard S (1/8) connection on both ends (female to the airbrush, male to your compressor hose).

The unit has 1/8″ fittings and can be easily fitted between the air valve & quick connect.
Length: O/A 71mm, Body 58mm,