AIRTEX “Spica” Mini Portable Airbrush Compressor

Price: 129.00

Mini Compressor that operates with Battery or Power cord.


SPICA mini compressor!

Perfect for Nail Art, Cake Decoration, Body Paint, Make up..

Can operate with re-chargeable Battery (included) or with Power cord
Compact body, light and easy to handle.Maximum pressure: about 0.2 MPa (about 2 kgf / cm 2)

◆ Air Discharge Amount: Approximately 11.5 l / min
◆ Power consumption: 24W
◆ Rated voltage: 12V (DC), 100 to 240V (AC)
◆ Rated time: 30 minutes ◆ Volume of operation: 40 dB
◆ Size: Width 115 × Length 116 × Height 60 (Holder part is not included)
◆ Weight: 450 g
◆ Hose connection size: standard
◆ Accessories:
Air hose, airbrush holder, battery pack, battery adapter, power cord, japan to Eu adapter
※ The Airbrush is not included.