Airtex XP825 Premium – 0.3mm

Price: 125.00

A well made, solid and reliable Airbrush made in Japan!

The Airtex XP825 Premium, another exclusive excellent product at Foxy Studio.
Featuring a 4 holes Head System for an amazing atomisation flow.
A 0.3mm airbrush that will surprise you for its beautiful spray pattern and awesome detail control.
Equipping all solvent proof O-rings



Special Head Piece with 4 air holes 
The air will flow smoothly thanks to its air chamber where the air passes through 4 holes.
Due to the improved air flow The XP825 Premium works beautifully also at lower pressure for more detail.
By dismounting the Head piece you can back-access the Nozzle with a long brush for a deep clean with less risk and much faster action!

Cup shape

The Cup has a particular shape inside, modeled in order to make the cleaning operation as easy as possible.
It is designed to make it difficult for paint to accumulate in cups, so even a small amount of paint can be sprayed.
Easy to clean with an integrated paint cup!

● Smooth Trigger Action

The trigger has a very smooth feeling and can be improved with our Original Zsolt Air Valve Soft Spring


● Needle Adjuster with Memory Function …

Rotate the knob, adjust the drawing condition of the main lever, push and push the button on the back. You can release it by pulling the button and return to free. By pushing the button again, the work function is possible again with the memory function, with the grinding tool of the graduation combined previously!

● Teflon made o-rings

All the o-rings in the airbrush body are Solvent-Proof.

● Chrome-plated body  with high corrosion resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. 
◆ Nozzle aperture … 0.3 mm

◆ Paint cup … 7cc


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