AKASHIYA SAI Thin Line ultra fine Brush Pen – BLACK

Price: 8.99

The thinnest Brush Pen!
Excellent for scripting and for small details (eyelashes, hairs..)


Summon the beauty of Japan for your artwork, using the Akashiya Sai ThinLine brush pens in nature-inspired traditional Japanese colors. The extra-fine tip on each pen draws sharp, precise lines that bring elegance to your calligraphy and cards, and dynamic movement to your comic illustrations and other drawings. Your line types can vary from voluminous swells to fine, delicate lines. The tip is diligently hand-crafted from man-made fibers and is about 2 mm wide. It is highly elastic, giving you precise control. The water-based pigment ink is fade-resistant and waterproof when dried, which is great for outlining watercolor work or combining with Airbrush techniques and mixed media.