Ampersand Scratching Tool Kit

Price: 35.00

Use the Ampersand tools to work with the Claybord panels and for scratchboard. The Scratchbord Toolkit comes with one each of the tools shown below, a piece of steel wool and a free piece of Claybord for experimentation. Tools are also available packaged individually.


This six-piece kit includes all the scraping and abrasive tools needed to create detail and remove ink from Ampersand Claybord and Scratchbord panels.


This kit contains two scratch nibs — fine point and curved, with a plastic nib holder, a stainless steelwire brush, a parallel line tool, and a fiberglass erasing brush.

The kit also includes a 4½” × 11″ (11 cm × 28 cm) sample of Claybord

Tools can be used on Claybord, Scratchbord, or scratch art boards and papers.

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