Artool Splatter FX set of 3

Price: 35.00 31.00

Create natural and dramatic effects in your artwork with the new Artool Splatter FX Freehand Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez. Add endless splatters with awesome colour transactions.



These Artool Splatter FX templates, designed by Gerald Mendez and laser cut by Artool, are made of solvent proof polymer which can be cleaned with solvents. They are easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them.

Applications, techniques and tips:

  • Multiple effects can be achieved by rotating templates
  • Overlap one template with another to create unique patterns
  • Turn any shape, logo or lettering into custom splatter shapes by using the inside edges of each template

For a wet look:

  • Airbrush the base colour of desired splatter
  • Shade the bottom areas with a darker colour
  • Add highlights to define reflections on the opposite side
  • Enhance splatter with brighter highlights as a final touch

Expanding the size of the splatter:

  • Choose a template and fix it to the surface with masking tape
  • Airbrush with solid base colour
  • Move the template around to achieve expanded shapes

Using the Splatter FX template as a mask:

  • Secure the position of the template with masking tape
  • Mask areas that need to be blocked out
  • Spray base colour and paint design inside of splatter area
  • Lightly airbrush shadows around perimeter of spatter for 3D effect