Artool “The Big Shield” Special edition Set FH-7 BLM

Price: 36.00

The Big Shield Special edition set of 4 Freehand templates by Gerald Mendez
Step by Step included on the front package


The new Artool The Big Shield (© 1995) Special Edition Set (FH7 BLM) Freehand® Airbrush Templates, designed by Gabe McCubbin, is the reintroduction of the ever popular Artool FH7. Big Shield now comes in three sizes: The Big Shield, The Little Big Shield, and The Mini Big Shield.  As a bonus, this new Special Edition Set comes with an Artool® Mini-Series Cosmic Texture FX template by Gerald Mendez, and the Deep Universe step-by-step.

The Set includes:

The Big Shield 14.5 x 5.5 – 10 mil Mylar

The Little Big Shield 9.5 x 4 – 7mil Mylar

The Mini Big Shield 4.5 x 2 – 5mil Mylar

Bonus Texture FX Cosmic Mini Series