Artool™ Ultra Mask Sheets 9″ x 11″(5 pack)

Price: 22.95

F-504 Sheets 9″ x 11″ Sheets (5 pack)
Professional Masking Film For Airbrushing Graphics On Anything!
The adhesive backing will not release and will stay on your painting, even when retouch lacquer is applied.



• Tinted film for easy reference and workability

• Low tack WITH secure adhesive STRENGTH (SAFE FOR artwork)

• Maximum stretch for irregularly shaped surfaces


F-504 Sheets 9″ x 11″ Sheets (5 pack)

“The kewlest thing about Artool Ultra Mask, besides being translucent, solvent proof and repositionable, is that this film has a paper backing so you can run it through your plotter/cutter. I like it when a product can multi-task! Artool Ultra Mask is an excellent addition to any kustom painter’s masking tool arsenal.”