COPIC Gasenfude Hand Lettering Brush Pen

Price: 9.60

Gasenfude brush pen has a fine synthetic brush nib (or “fude”) which creates expressive line variations for lettering or sketching. Water based pigment ink will not bleed with Copic markers. Rich and solid black ink provides amazing shading effect in your sketches, mangas and caricatures.


Gasenfude (pronounced gas-en-fu-day), Copic’s new high-quality, genuine nylon brush pen. The long, flexible bristle nib allows for creating a dry-brush effect while the super fine point allows for detailed work – making this pen ideal for hand lettering, calligraphy, comic art, or traditional brush art application.

  • Archival
  • 9mm long bristles
  • Waterbased, black pigment ink
  • Sturdy, genuine nylon bristles
  • 3.1mm diameter at brush base
  • Super fine point for detail work
  • Long, flexible bristles for dry-brush effects
  • Copic compatible ink (will not bleed with Copic markers)