Euro-Tec 20A Oil Compressor

Price: 360.00

Euro-tec compressor
Silent Air Oil compressor capacity 17 litres



Euro-tec 20A Silent compressor

Euro-Tec compressors are extremely powerful, with a suction capacity of up to 50 litres. The instruments are mainly equipped with air tanks. This enables
them to provide an air pressure of up to 8 bar. Euro- Tec compressors are oil-powered and, with a noise level of around 40 db, extremely quiet. Quick-action
couplings enable rapid and easy connection of all conventional paint sprayers. Some of the compressors have four connections, making them suitable
for use in painting courses.

(Item no. 160020)
• Extremly quiet!
• Utilisation of airbrushes with nozzles up to 0.3 mm nozzle
• Automatic switchoff

• Suction capacity: 17 Liter
• Pressure: 6 bar/87.02 psi
• Tank: 1,5 l tank
• Noise level: 38 dB (A) 1 m
• Weight: 18 kg


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