Hyperreal PORTRAIT LIVE ONLINE OIL Course 29/31 January, 5/7 February

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Have you ever wondered how those crazy real looking images exist? Well, you can learn all the secrets behind this trade now, under guidance and intense, clear demonstrations by Marissa Oosterlee.

How to work with values, hues, the right intensity of colors, textures and so much more, is all covered in this class. She will also explain you when and how to work with the most important/effective mediums for oils, keeping it simple but extremely effective and fast. Hyperrealism takes great effort and time, but with Marissa’s clear steps and guidance you will see time flies and before you know it you’re done!

Learning new techniques and create maximum observation skills has never been this much fun as it is now! In your own studio, your own time and no days off from work, you will study all these steps throughout 4 live sessions in the weekends. There is also a 10 weeks watch back guarantee per session to closely follow up all instructions! So if you are not in the Central EU time zone, you can still join this magnificent course, as you can simply watch back and ask all questions in the dedicated support group for Members Only.

We leave 1 day in between sessions to let the paint dry and practice your steps.

You can request an oilpainting starters kit that contains most of the products used in class, with a discount.