Iwata Crystal Clear side feed bottle 2oz -60ml – I4502

Price: 9.50

Side feed bottle 60ml/1oz

Fits all the “BC/S” Iwata airbrushes



The Iwata crystal clear bottles are designed for water-based paint. These bottles reveal the actual colors in the bottle. Cylinder shaped bottles are ideal for designing compact multiple-gun systems since they’ll fit closer together than jar-shaped bottles. Designed to not utilize any gaskets, which results in less deterioration and less parts for fewer hassles. The unique friction-fit joint securely holds the bottle to the airbrush.

Includes Crystal Clear Cylinder Bottle, Iwata Bottle Adapter and Redit Cap

This part optionally fits the following models:

  • Iwata Eclipse BCS 6 pack
  • Iwata Eclipse BCS airbrush
  • Iwata Eclipse BCS airbrush set with hose
  • Iwata Eclipse SA airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC Plus airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC2 airbrush