Iwata High Strength Translucent Jar 2oz

Price: 11.55

Translucent Jar 2oz size.
Fits all the “BC” Iwata airbrush series


The Iwata high strength jars and bottles are for all types of media, both solvent-based and water-based. The no-rust plastic caps are solvent proof.

For large volumes of liquid, such as for Spray Tanning, we recommend using a bottle gasket to prevent leakage.

This part optionally fits the following models:

  • Iwata Eclipse BCS 6 pack
  • Iwata Eclipse BCS airbrush
  • Iwata Eclipse BCS airbrush set with hose
  • Iwata Eclipse SA airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC Plus airbrush
  • Iwata HP-BC2 airbrush
  • Iwata Revolution BCR airbrush
  • Iwata Revolution SAR airbrush