Jacquard Metallic 9 Colour Paint Set-1/2 oz 15ml Vinyl, Leather, Canvas, Fabric

Price: 22.00

A starter pack of 9 Bottles of premium airbrush paint suited best for: Vinyl, Leather, Canvas, Fabric


Jacquard Airbrush Colours meet the needs of artists like never before, raising the bar for quality, economy and versatility. Though originally formulated for textiles, the exceptional durability, unsurpassed coverage and superb flexibility of Jacquard Airbrush Colours have attracted artists of every ilk. The go-to paint for custom shoe and sneaker painting, it resists cracking, peeling and chipping better than any other brand.

With excellent adhesion on many non-traditional surfaces such as vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber and fabric, these paints are soft to the touch and exceptionally washfast. Formulated for easy spraying right out of the bottle with no additives or adulteration required, these odorless, non-toxic and water-based fluid acrylic paints perform well even at low pressures, with minimal tip-dry or clogging.

All the colours are highly pigmented and intense!

airbrushing, marbling, spritzing, painting, stamping, refilling markers and pens, stenciling

natural and synthetic fabric, leather, vinyl, wood, paper, rubber, plastic, clay, metal and more

Includes nine 1/2 fl oz/14.79 ml bottles in the following nine colours;

Metallic Yellow
Metallic Red
Metallic Blue
True Gold
Solar Gold
Metallic White
Clear Varnish