KleenEdge® Low Tack Painting Tape 24mm x 50m

Price: 6.00

The KleenEdge Low tack Masking Tape, ideal for delicate surfaces. Can be left up to 14 days on the surface. No residues and perfectly clean lines.


Flat white paper tape specially designed for use on delicate surfaces. Leaves clean straight lines and can be left on for 14 days.

The finest tape for masking edges, officially endorsed by Marissa during her workshops.

“i have tried several masking tapes during the last years and I’ve always experienced some issues with glue residue or too aggressive tape that ruins the illustration board and takes off the paint. The KleenEdge low tack tape is absolutely the perfect solution for every surface, no residues and can be left on your artwork for a long time.”  Marissa x