“Liquid Paper” Art Board Deluxe 50x70cm

Price: 85.00 79.00

Liquid Paper deluxe Art Board


This is a very special painting medium.

Why “Liquid Paper” ?
The board has some unique characteristics.

Each art board is Hand Made in Italy by very passionate artisans who put lot of effort and precision in their work.

While the surface is hard, it has a porosity very similar to the most fine art paper.

It’s super light weight.

Can be erased softly like only the paper allows.

Can tolerate scratching techniques very well.

Can be used with pencils and any other mediums.

It’s a very resistant material, treated with UV protection coating, water proof and even flame proof.

Excellent for Airbrush use. the smooth and strong finish can be abused with many different tools and allows the paint even the thinnest ink to grab and dry with a “paper” feeling.

The Board comes with a thickness of 3-5 cm depending of the size.

Ready to be hanged doesn’t need to be framed.

Can be varnished with any kind of final clear transparent, solvent or water based.


The Liquid Paper Board has also a NFC chip which gives the artist the possibility to put any digital information and web links, directly scannable from any smartphones through dedicate apps.