Marissa FX colors – Single Bottles

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E’tac Marissa FX Fine Airbrush Paint 


• MFX can be used straight out of the bottle, but for more demanding artists this might not be enough. Soon you will discover that the EFX range of colors are only the start of an infinite journey to control and customize the properties of your paint to suit your own specific needs.

• MFX is re-wettable which means that water can still react with it after it is applied. This property can be used to create a variety of effects. Water does to EFX 500 what solvents do to PU’s or polyurethane. The colorants (pigments) are ground to an ink consistency although not dye based, with an outstanding carrier that contains virtually anything a person could ask for in a fine art and/or automotive grade package.

• MFX is low tack which means that it will dry to a state where dust or other particles will not adhere to it.

• MFX is erasable with electric and hand held erasers. All pigments have extremely high UV/UVA ratings with a high bleed resistance to many solvent chemicals and strong alkaline materials as well as soaps. More information about this can be found in our technical papers and bulletins. Intended use:

• On illustration board, fine art canvas, primed metal or any other hard surface. MFX is designed for the fine artist but also for the custom painter who can use it in combination with solvent based clear coats, which is suggested to seal the color for permanence and exterior durability.

• The MFX low tac property helps reduce crinkling or crazing. This phenomenon which in technical terms is called COE, is often seen when using incompatible products such as with standard water based paint over solvent based paint or vice versa:

You can seal MFX with most urethane based inter-coat clear or gloss clear finishes for final clearing. Etac has been tested with many Polyurethane systems and up until now, we have not experienced any problems

Use transparents with a lower pressure (of around 1.6 bar) to render fine details. (1:4 = paint:water is a good ratio, but you may experiment to find what ratio works best with your airbrush and your application).
The recommended air pressure for E’TAC colors is in the 1.6-1.8 bar range. For Opaques that are not further thinned with water, higher pressures (around 2.5 bar) are needed.

 For professional use.
Keep out of reach for children.
Wear a dust mask for all nuisance dusts.
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