RZ Mask – respirator mask

Price: 33.00

RZ Mask, Durable Neoprene, Active Carbon filter and Dual Valve Exhaust. A Must for every Airbrusher, Breath SAFE, Breath Better!




This incredible new product is sure to change your breathing experience. RZ MASKS are made from soft neoprene that fit snugly under helmets and goggles. RZ Masks have a N99 Active Carbon filter, which effectively filters out 99.9% of dust, particulates, pollen and odors in the air. The filters themselves are easily replaceable and can be changed depending on usage. It was designed with a MP3 player holder for added enjoyment.

The Price includes:

  • 1 RZ MAsk
  • 2 N99 Carbon Filter
  • 1 Safety Bag

The Spare Filters are also sold separately —>> RZ MASK Filters Pack of 3



No other mask offers this level of protection for so many different uses. RZ Mask is proud to offer our 100% Unrivaled Performance Guarantee. Technical Head-wear never looked or performed this good.


The Replaceable Active Carbon Filters will remove up to 99.9% of impurities from the air you breathe. You can find an epic design that expresses your style. Technical Head-Wear never looked or performed this good.