Schmincke Pastels Primer 50503

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Primer for Pastels, to use on greaseless surfaces like wood, canvas, metal or paper.

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The Schmincke Pastel primer (50 503 in 500 ml) creates a unique substrates for pastel painting.
Lightfast, natural coloured non aging.
Very absorbent primer for working with pastels on greaseless surfaces like wood, metal, canvas or paper. Forms an elastic, matt, slightly rough film after drying.
Ideal for mixing techniques with water-colours, gouache or acrylic colours.

the Primer for Pastels is ready for the application with a paint roller
for use with Brush Please Dilute with max 20% water.
It should be applied 2 to 3 coats of primer. The individual layers have to dry thoroughly each well. The work should be cleaned immediately after use with water.
Application examples: