Schmincke Size Pre-Primer

Price: 17.00

A ready for use pre-primer, ideal for strong absorbent surfaces like natural canvas


Recommended for pre-sizing of strong absorbent painting surfaces like natural canvas. The size/pre-primer protects natural canvas and increases elasticity and better adhesion for the following primer. The size can also be used for other fabrics like wood or carton (pre-tests are recommended). It dries colourless and transparent, is light and age resistant  and forms an elastic film.
The size/pre-primer is ready for use and should be applied twice in a thin layer.The temperature of the object should not be less than 8°C.The products can be diluted with water (max. 10 %) dependent on the painting surface. Afterwards apply Schmincke primer (i.e. 50 512, 50 514, 50 516, 50 518, 50 519) or paint directly over with acrylic colour. Contains: pure acrylate dispersion.
Available in following size: 500 ml/jar