Schoellershammer Airbrush Paper block 50 x 70 cm – 20 sheets

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The best Airbrush paper! Schoellershammer n.4 is the choice of the professionals!

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Schoellershammer N.4 Paper 220gsm 20x sheets

One of Europe’s oldest family owned paper mills producing fine papers on the same location since 1784. Papierfabrik Schoellershammer (pronounced Schoeller’s hammer) is operated today by the 7th generation of the family. As a leader in the production of fine art papers and tracing paper the company continues with a strong commitment to the environment with it’s unique water filtration system which returns the water is uses back into the Ruhr river cleaner than when it came into the paper mill in almost drinking water quality. The mill recycles more than 200 tons of paper per day and produces its own electricity with it own generating plant.


This 4G 220gsm natural creamy white cartridge is very smooth. It is very very smooth and highly erasable. Excellent for Illustration especially cartooning and airbrush.

It provides excellent conditions for drawing with:

– Airbrush

– Gouache

– Ink

– Pen and light wash

– Colour Pencil

– Grey lead