SLICE Craft Knife Ceramic Blade

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Slice Craft Knife with Ceramic Blade

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The Slice 10548 craft knife is ideal for precision cutting, scraping, and handling. Its ceramic safety blade is non-sparking, chemically inert, safe to 1600 degrees Celsius, never rusts, and requires no oil coating. With a textured grip for superior control, this precision knife allows the user to make accurate, delicate cuts. Its ambidextrous no-roll design is weighted for balance and stability. The 10548 includes one 10518 straight-edge, rounded-tip ceramic safety blade with our patented finger-friendly edge

Slice’s safety is in the blade. Most safer knives redesign the handles to reduce blade exposure, but we went back to basics and redesigned the blade itself. Our finger-friendly blade is unique in that it’s safe to the touch but it cuts through craft materials like butter. We designed the handle for easy and comfortable use, so it’s lightly weighted and balanced, with a no-roll feature to your tool close by between cuts.


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