Viarco ARTGRAF Water Soluble Graphite Powder

Price: 13.00

Water Soluble High Quality Graphite Powder
100g Paper Bag


Extremely versatile, the Viarco ArtGraf water-soluble graphite powder can give the artist the chance to explore new techniques and approaches to one of the most conventional raw materials used in fine arts. Naturally able to make the traditional shaded effect has the advantage of being able to be used with water before or after its use. With solubility and fixing properties incorporated into its formula, the ArtGraf graphite powder provides a precise control over the desired grey shades, from transparent to opaque, by only controlling the water and graphite proportion in a container.

Challenging, it can also be mixed with other water-based painting materials, which gives you the freedom to create colours, shades and unique textures.

Weight 100g