Zsolt’s K33 Soft Spring for IWATA

Price: 6.99

The Original Zsolt’s Air valve spring! Already used from many airbrushers all over the world, a MUST to have! Fits all the IWATA airbrush models


Designed from Prof. Zsolt Kovacs and the University of Brescia (italy), this Air Valve Spring is the most effective add-on for every Iwata airbrushes.

  Made of austenitic stainless steel,  Zsolt’s spring needs about 75grams to open the air flux (@0 air pressure), the original CM-B spring needs 160grams, while the HP-B needs 320grams. The air is perfectly closed up to 4bars .  The finger fatigue won’t be a problem anymore. Giving more softness to the trigger will result in more feeling with the airbrush and less ergonomics problems.


dual tool




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