The Fantasy Class

Are you ready for a challenge? Then sign up for this fantastic class where your imagination is the only limit! 

"Escape from Eternity" Acrylics on Board

“Escape from Eternity” Acrylics on Board

 For those who think they would never be able to do something like this, I say “Just do it”! You will learn to use your own fantasy in a painting and create a composition, play with many different art elements and learn to use your imagination in a painting even if you are not good in drawing.

Who doesn’t like to escape reality sometimes? Enter in a world of fantasy and dreams, where you are the one in control! Trolls, fairies  furry hair balls, wings, fantasy elements, interesting backgrounds and textures, composition and photo editing are all on our list.

You don’t need to be a great creative or an artist to join this class, but you can become one if you join!

Dr. Bibi, a project made during a fantasy class

Dr. Bibi, a project made during a fantasy class

What we teach you?

*How to draw a good sketch

* Make a beautiful composition

* Use your imagination and where to get your inspiration from if you are a bit stuck

* Play with the art elements and create atmosphere.

* How to work with light and dark

* How to render many different textures

* How to work with brushes and airbrush in harmony

* Make a great and easy background

* Make special effects

* Freehand and masking techniques with your airbrush

* Combine fantasy with reality and make the scene convincing and pleasant to look at

* Make wings and furry fantasy creatures

* Learn to observe and recognise shapes

* Control values and contrast

* How to Work with Transparent and opaque colors

* Fundamentals of Color Theory

* Colour Glazing techniques

* Using everyday tools to achieve amazing textures

* How to achieve the right edges

* Freehand and shielding techniques

* What to do with a background and what not to do

* How to achieve realism and give it a twist with your own style when required.

* Marketing your artwork

A demonstration made by Marissa in the Fantasy class, UK, Great Yarmouth at

A demonstration made by Marissa in the Fantasy class, UK, Great Yarmouth at

If you know how to work with color, shapes, contrast, reflections and textures and create perfect transitions, only then you will be able to master any form of art in any way.

We do work with an airbrush mainly during this workshop, but also other tools will be explained and showed, like pencils, erasers, brushes and even your fingers can create awesome realism.

Fantasy_Limburg_demo fantasysweden Lady-Bug_forum - Copy Sealife Demo

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